Glen 20 Carpet Disinfectant Spray Spring Time 354g

Spring Time
Glen 20 Carpet Disinfectant Spray Cuddly Pet sprays with its wide-angle spray cap, killing odour causing bacteria.

Glen 20 Carpet Disinfectant Spray is a household disinfectant spray with a wide-angle spray cap. It kills odour causing bacteria on carpets and neutralises pet odours to freshen the room. Plus, no vacuuming needed on your carpet. For hard surfaces and other soft surfaces such as pet beds, curtains, fabric couches and covers.

Glen 20 Carpet Disinfectant Spray:

  • Neutralises pet odours
  • Kills 99.9% of germs (E.Coli, S.aureus)
  • Dries in just 1 minute (general use on carpet)
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Ethanol 58% w/w, Benzalkonium saccharinate 0.10% w/w

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