Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organisation that delivers meals to over 14.8 million of Australia’s vulnerable populations each year. Unsurprisingly, there was a substantial increase in need for the organisation’s services during the Covid-19 pandemic.


In our campaign, Glen 20 draws attention to the essential services Meals on Wheels provides for vulnerable Australians, to help protect their wellbeing during times of crisis. By using the power of Glen 20’s brand, Australians are urged to support Meals on Wheels as the organisation faces the challenge of helping to support so many in need.


The partnership is part of Glen 20’s purpose-led goals, building upon our commitment to “create a cleaner, healthier world” - particularly over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, as said by Arnaud Sudre, antecedent marketing director at RB Hygiene ANZ.


“When ideating different ways our business could make a positive contribution to the community’s most vulnerable in this pandemic – the elderly – the synergies between Glen 20 and Meals on Wheels became very clear," Sudre said.


"As one of the country’s leading disinfecting brands, Glen 20 has been helping protect Aussies, by working to prevent the spread of germs, for generations and so too has Meals on Wheels. While the means by which we achieve this may differ, we are motivated by a common goal and we are excited to partner with the Meals on Wheels team and do our bit to support them during this unprecedented period."


The campaign aims to support the organisation by driving donations, especially in light of the challenges Meals on Wheels has faced as a result of the pandemic.


“COVID-19 has had a significant impact on how we operate our services," said Sharyn Broer, who is the president of the Meals on Wheels Association in Australia.


"Not only have we seen an increase in demand for meals, we have also faced hurdles as to how we can deliver them to our clients.


“We’re very pleased to be working closely with RB, and in particular Glen 20, to bolster our nationwide efforts to drive much-needed donations via above-the-line activity. It is a very generous offer and wonderful to have their backing as we try to overcome the many challenges the pandemic presents our organisation."


Indeed, Glen 20’s parent company Reckitt donated disinfectant products worth $1 million distributed to Meals on Wheels volunteers and clients over 8 months in 2020.

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